Digital and Transformation are the recent buzzwords in marketing and in commercial operations. These are the calling words for PreDeem’s digital commerce platform also.

PreDeem focuses on the digital development of micro-, small and medium size Retail businesses operating in a particular geolocation area, typically in urban environments.

We are raising a seed round of funding for PreDeem to maximize on our recent momentum, expand our services in European markets and continue to develop the platform further.  I'd love to talk to you about how we fit into your firm. I know you’re big into the horeca space, so I think your expertise and enthusiasm could be a great match for us with funding.

We also feel very strongly that we have great people, the founders are top managers from IT  world, ex-managers from Vodafone and T-mobile. We aren't going to give their time away for free. We like to think of our services are being paid for sales or/and customer success. In fact, I just did a quick calculation, and looks like we could do quite good profit margins on our services, which can be a nice source of revenue for the rest of the company while we get off the ground.

Please let me know if this interests you as an investment and I’d be happy to connect however you prefer.

Contact information:
Michael Fovler
Sales Manager
PreDeem Innovation Ltd.

Tel: 0044 7404621106