The founding pillar of PreDeem’s Business Model is that PreDeem partitions the Urban retail commercial landscape into cohesive local segments, so called PreDeem Economic Areas. This segmentation will be carried out upon entering a new market worldwide.
In the PreDeem ecosystem the Licence model is territorial and based on these PreDeem Economic areas.

For Territorial Sales Licence (TSL) holders:

TSL holders attract all new shops to the PreDeem ecosystem in the given PreDeem Economic Area.

Key components:

  • Licence costs in the range for in a given area
  • Exclusive Territorial Sales License (TSL) rights are guaranteed for a certain period of time and maybe prolonged with the sales achievements
  • Guaranteed opportunity to buy further Sales Licences in the given area upon achieving the targets – to develop PreDeem’s network
  • Guaranteed revenue share
  • With every contracted Shop 100% of one monthly fee is given to the ASL holder
  • Opportunity to extend the revenue share income for further years where certain criteria met by the level of convenience fees collected by the Shop (it exceeds the level of the monthly fees)

For the Territorial Assisted Service Point Licence (TASPL) holders:
TASPL holders organize the operation of the assisted pickup service of neighboring Shops in the given PreDeem Economic Area for convenience fee payed by the Consumers.

Key components:

  • Assisted Service Point Licence fee – depending on the size and other attributes of the given PreDeem Economic Area. This fee contains the fully PreDeem branded Assisted Service Point equipment
  • Assisted Pickup Fee Income from 80% of convenience fee sold on the given Service Point
  • Freedom of setting convenience fees to arbitrary but appropriate level to the market and the service levels
  • Employment of required human resources
  • Opportunity of servicing the combined offering of the PreDeem Shops of the licenced PreDeem Economic Area on the condition that it received recognition from the PreDeem Shops involved
  • On the given PreDeem Economic Area the first granted TASPL automatically becomes an exclusive licence and can be kept by the licence holder until he/she fulfils PreDeem’s operational rules
  • • The Licence holder takes Profit-and-Loss-Responsibilities of his/her own business activities corresponding to the Service Point operation